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A Not-So-Lonely Valentine’s Day, Without Mr. Wrong
Four Fun Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With The Girls!
By Whitney Acke

Have you been in a dead-end relationship this year, only to find yourself finally free of Mr. Wrong, just in time for the world’s most “lovable” holiday? Are you terrified of finding yourself on the couch this Valentine’s Day, crying over a sappy movie and wishing you’d given Mr. Wrong one more chance?

Before you even think about making the mistake of calling him again, try planning a not-so-lonely Valentine’s Day with the girls!  Chances are you know at least two more single women who would love to hang with you on February 14th.

Spa Day
When the attached women you know are getting ridiculous boxes of terrible candy and giant teddy bears on Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to what everyone woman really wants: a spa day! Grab your girlfriends and spend the day relaxing at your local spa.
A Mini Trip

If you have the extra funds and the time to spare, make this Valentine’s Day an exciting one by heading off for a weekend trip.  Pack up the car with your overnight bags and head out on a road trip with the girls.  You will have a blast from the time you leave the driveway and will have memories that will last for years to come!

Dinner & A Movie
If you really do crave the traditional Valentine’s Day activities, you can always make a date with your other single friends to take in dinner and a movie together.  Sure, it may only remind you of your single status.  But, while dining over terrific food and outstanding company you may be reminded to be thankful for your freedom!

Ice Skating
Sure you’ve seen it on the Olympics, but you’ve never tried it yourself.  Ice skating may seem intimidating, but the worse you are at it, the more fun it is.  So, convince your girlfriends to grab their gloves and scarves and head to the rink for tons of laughs this Valentine’s Day!

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