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“Valentines Day Gifts to Make”

Whether Dating or Single--Go Ahead, Be Cupid!
By Lee Ann Jackson of ChicBlvd.com

Conversation hearts, red heart boxes, chocolates . . . Valentines’ Day is almost here.  Whether February 14th finds you in a serious relationship or facing the reality that He’s Just Not that Into You, here’s your mission -- Go Ahead, Be Cupid!

Last year at this time, I went to my boyfriend’s house for Valentine’s Day—the living room was glowing from candles, red roses in a vase and a teddy bear with a card that said “I love you.”

This year, I still have the teddy bear but the boyfriend is MIA.
Valentine’s Day this year will be different for me. How about yours? Whether it’s the ideal 02/14 or not, why not change it up a bit? In the words of President Obama, it’s time for a change. This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make it about everyone but me!
I’m setting out to find ways to show the love to others this Valentine’s Day . . . to a friend, neighbor, co-worker—anyone God puts on my heart.

A friend of mine is going through a rough season – a single mom with two school-aged children, full days as a school teacher and she’s been dealing with a cold. She’d been in my thoughts and on my heart for days so last Friday I wanted to do something to show her I cared—and create Valentines Day gifts to make. I stopped at the florist, grabbed a bright and cheery pink Gerber Daisy floral in springy basket and bought a cookie on stick that read, “Be Mine.”

I asked the school’s front office staff if they could please deliver the flowers to my friend’s classroom . . . I explained that I wanted her to be surprised. They thought it was such a cute idea and told me “That’s so sweet!”

An hour latter, my friend text me: “Thank you so much . . . you made my day, Cupid!”

That was it—my mission this Valentine’s Day . . . to be Cupid!

Another friend of mine is a doctor with a super busy schedule—a husband, three boys and a mom who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I mailed her a card just to let her know I was thinking about her and praying for her.

Two days later I had the sweetest voicemail message on my phone. My friend said I’d made her day. She said that in the midst of taking care of everyone else, she hadn’t realized how much she’d neglected herself. She said the encouragement she received from the card I’d sent her helped ease her burdens.

Some other “Cupid” assignments--Valentines Day gifts to make--on my list include:

• Inviting my mom to coffee at Starbucks.
• Buying those little boxes of conversation hearts and putting one in each of the kids’ lunches.
• Sending an E-Card to a few fellow single friends just to remind them how much they mean to me.
• Getting a little Valentine’s gift for a couple of close friends to surprise them with on 02/14 — like this fun Valentine’s tank top: http://www.chicblvd.com/ec/Be-Mine-Tank-P469.aspx (throw in a little box of chocolates just to make their day complete!).

How about you? Are you up for the mission . . . who will you be Cupid to this Valentine’s Day?

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