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Miss Oops or Miss “All-Put-Together”?
How do you prevent those deodorant marks on your favorite black dress!

Every woman has been there.

Saturday night out with Mr. Cutie Pie and you’re running late. Quick! Off to the shower, scrub-a-dub-dub, towel off, blow-dry, make-up, deodorant, one last tweeze… now squeeze into that fabulous little sleeveless number… and quelle horreur!

Deodorant smudges!! On both sides.

The doorbell rings. Eek! You scrub at deodorant marks with a wet washcloth…but it doesn’t go away. What to do?

Why, reach for Miss Oops of course!

What is Miss Oops, you ask. Well, it’s a new patent-pending, discreet dry sponge that removes deodorant marks and other powder-based stains in a jiff. It’s denser, therefore sturdier than any other deodorant remover on the market. The density allows for greater use, and it will last longer.

In addition to removing deodorant marks, Miss Oops can also remove baby powder and make-up powder.

So, prevent those “oops” moments … and you’ll look like Miss “All-Put-Together!”

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