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Four Him
Several golf-related gift ideas that he’ll absolutely love.

Instead of getting annoyed at the hours he spends in front of the TV, watching a tiny ball bounce around the grass – view this as an opportunity to prove what a great girlfriend you are!

While he’s glued to the television set, it’s time for you to go on a mission to find the perfect gift for him – whether for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or his Birthday. We have just a few tips to get you started…

If you think “handicap” means the disabled and “four” is the number of children you want when he finally proposes – then you probably don’t know where the local pro shop or golf store is located.

Well if that’s the case, you might want to start your shopping online. There are several golf-related websites. To start, check out www.golfballs.com. You’ll find a tab button dedicated strictly to “Golf Gifts.” There are several unique and creative ideas that your boyfriend will love … including:

  • A Gift Certificate

  • Gag Gifts (i.e. balls that explode … his friends will get a kick out of it!)

  • Collectibles

  • Personalized Gifts (engrave something special so he’ll think of you while he’s out on the course … it just might even bring him good luck!)

  • And more!

And if he spends more time on the course then in front of the TV, you might consider booking him and his friend a tee time at a local course. For an easy way to schedule something, without the hassle of calling around, go to www.golfnow.com!

If he enjoys reading, he might like a subscription to Golf Digest and/or a copy of the Golf Digest Book! If he’s looking to improve his game (and most golfers always are), this book is perfect. It includes 120 drills that are guaranteed to improve every aspect of his game and lower his handicap.

Now … for the ultimate (FREE) gift, why don’t YOU study up on all the golf terms? He’ll be so impressed when you’re able to relate with him, speak his language, get excited to watch the next Masters tournament and … yes, maybe even get out on the course yourself!

For some terms, check out:

And since we know you’ll want to unselfishly please him by learning how to play yourself, we recommend that you get the book Feeling Naked on the First Tee: An Essential Guide for New Women Golfers. This handy, easy to pack along guide is written with humor and wisdom – it will ease your fears and boost your confidence as you venture out on the course.

Well, what are you waiting for? We know the game of golf sometimes seems slow, but that doesn’t mean you can procrastinate the gift-buying process any longer.

Go for it … and good luck!

DISCLAIMER: We know that you’re really a rockstar when it comes to playing golf. So, please disregard the false assumptions above. We simply had to make the golf-illiterate feel at ease.

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