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Dating: Creative Date Ideas

Breakfast for Him
A Spoonful of Sugar Helps More Than You Think!
A creative way to express your love for him!

Ingredients (serves 2):
4 eggs
Package of bacon
Pancake mix
Fresh fruit
Coffee (cream and spoonful of sugar)
Breakfast tray
Sweet kiss
Cute note
Alarm clock

It’s 4:00AM. Your alarm clock goes off.

You reach for the snooze button – but quickly remember the $100 dinner that he treated you to the other night. You jump out of bed with a smile, eager to surprise him before he’s off to a stressful day at work.

You grab the ingredients that you set out the night before, jump in your car and head to his house. Using your spare key, you sneak into his kitchen.

Brewing the coffee is your first duty. With that aroma, you know he won’t suspect a burglar if he hears your rustling. You’re not really feeling up to getting hit over the head with a baseball bat.

Luckily, he’s snoring away and doesn’t hear a thing.

In no time, you arrange the most beautiful breakfast presentation on a bed tray. Your “I love you” note is the perfect added touch … and you’re ready to awaken him with your sweet kiss.

When he opens his eyes, it’ll take awhile for him to realize he’s not dreaming. But when he does, he’ll be amazed!

It’s a sweet way to say you love him and appreciate him … not to mention that he’ll want to put a ring on your finger quicker than you could say “I do!”

P.S. If you really want to “wow” him, make some heart pancakes. Check out: www.cooking.com

(Note: Remember that most guys like to be the providers—so don’t try to match “gift for gift.” Your reward to him should always be a little “less” than what you get. And, he’ll appreciate it all the same … and more).

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