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Making it a Man’s Holiday
Take the pressure off and plan a Valentine’s date for him!

It’s Valentine’s Day.

You know that every man says it’s a “girl’s holiday.”

Well, ladies … it’s time to prove them wrong--at least this year!

First, tell your special guy in advance that you’re doing the planning this time—he’ll love you for that! Also, make sure that it’s something that HE wants to do … not an ulterior motive to do only what you want!

How about taking him to a local public pool to swim and relax in the hot tub or sauna (some hotels let you use their facilities for an hourly fee).

Make arrangements to have his favorite dinner while sitting in the hot tub—whether having pizza delivered … or bringing something special (more than likely will have to be a cold meal, unless your overly generous single girlfriend wants to provide assistance).

Bring some champagne or sparking cider to celebrate your love!

If appropriate, go to one of your houses afterwards and give him a nice massage before you have to part ways for the evening!

P.S. And if there’s a sporting event in your area during that time, skip the romance (depending on the guy), throw on your trucker hat … and have some fun!

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