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Must Haves

Clean Up Pretty With MadeByAngie.com
The stylish way t
o carry all-purpose baby wipes!
By Whitney Acke

Blanket and Toy Wrapped Into One!
Convenience, organization and something your little one loves—every mom’s dream!

Don’t let your life-changing events become distant memories!
An amazing resource that captures the essence and beauty of the birth of your child.

Functional or Complicated—Your Choice!
No need to make life more difficult—check out this chic and frazzle-free baby carrier!

Choosing a Baby Stroller

Making sense of the numerous options for baby strollers – and helping you pick the perfect one!

A Way a-Round the Diaper Changing Nightmares
A diaper changing pad that conforms to your wiggly little one, making mom’s life easier!

A Convenient Way to Show-Off Your Baby’s Face
Personalized announcements and jewelry, designed with your favorite photos of Baby!

Chic Things for Mommy … and Baby Too!
Don’t settle into looking like a “stereotypical mom” – keep your vibrant self alive!

Changing Baby’s Clothes Because You Want To
Get some chic clothes that will make it fun—amidst all the messes!

Keeping Baby Warm… and Still Hip
Unique and warm beanies and booties… and something for mom too!