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Weighty Issues
Staying Healthy in the Midst of Weight Gain

Can I get a ketchup and cheese sandwich please? OH … and a side of peanut butter?

There’s one thing you can count on when you’re pregnant—gaining weight. First goes the waist line. And eventually … um, you won’t even be able to see your toes.

At times you’ll wonder, “Will I ever be that sexy babe I once was?”

Of course you will! And better yet, the fruit of all your labor—your new baby—will be worth every bit of it, including the dreaded stretch marks! However, there are a few steps to keep you happy and healthy, while also keeping you from breaking the scales:

First, RELAX! Don’t stress about your oncoming weight. That’ll only make the issue worse. Stress promotes unhealthy habits including over-eating, loss of sleep, and depression.

For fun, get a unique and chic bathroom scale to help relieve weight gain stress. OK, it may not relieve the stress but it will induce a humorous chuckle

  Second, exercise! Exercise will relieve stress and make you feel better. Try taking romantic walks with your spouse. Or if he’s not around, try going to your local gym with a good friend.  While you at it, sport your sexy maternity top by mommygoround.com.

Third, watch what you eat! O.K. now everyone knows that, right? But, it can be really hard when you get those late night cravings of chocolate ice cream and pickles.

Instead of the fatty ice creams, try frozen yogurt. Also, try planning ahead meals for the day so you won’t be tempted to stop at your local fast food joint. Eat smaller meals more often. That’ll help ward off cravings and keep away nausea. If nausea persists try- morning-sickness-magic.com

For more advice, check out this great book: Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy, Revised Edition: The Complete Guide to Eating Before, During, and After Your Pregnancy (Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy, Revised Edition: The Complete Guide to Eating Before, During, and After Your Pregnancy).

Just remember that every woman is different during pregnancy. Don’t try to gage your weight gain by comparing yourself with a sister or friend. Weight comes on, weight comes off… (Yeah, it may take awhile but in the end, it’s all worth it)!

And, be sure to treat yourself every once in awhile … to that side of peanut butter!

home > baby > expectations

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