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Portable Nail Station

by Rada Pro Inc. - October 26, 2012

This innovative product for people who don’t have time or want to save money on visiting nail salons. Now they can get professional-style manicures & pedicures at home. • Self-adjusting stand positions hands and feet at the perfect angle in stable and comfortable position. • Two removable, washable covers, made of 100% cotton terry-cloth, are included. • Polish holder leaves hands free to work quickly and comfortably without spills, accommodates a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes, can be swiveled and tilted for easy accesibility. • Accessory tray holds everything you need – polish remover, implements and extra polish – all within easy reach. A great gift on all occasions.

website: www.radapro.com

price: Price: $29.99

Categories: Exclusive Media Blitz


Rose Gilley Designs

by Rose Gilley Designs - October 24, 2012

Bangles are my signature piece. I love to stack them a lot like my rings!! Can't resist the various metal colors, the stones added in and the boho, beachy feel that comes right with it!! Great for summer, fall, winter and spring.

website: www.rosegilleydesigns.com

price: Price: $90.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Man Cave Madness for "Boys" of all ages.

by Elephants on the Wall - October 23, 2012

Make a BIG impression with your little one or the BIG boy in your life with this mega-sized paint-by-number wall mural. Cropped for impact this will WOW anyone. Paint it behind a bed, dresser or sofa - it is sure to score a Grand Slam! This murals measure 8 feet wide by 7'-4" tall. This DIY Paint-by-Number mural is easy enough even for the "artistically challenged". Simply TAPE, TRACE & PAINT and you, too, can transform a potentially boring space into into a fun space with a hand-painted wall mural. This is definitely a DIY project you'll be proud of! Unlike stick-on murals & decals, Elephant on the Wall murals can be reused, reversed or repeated in whole or in part and you can even change the colors for that perfect match. Check out our website for LOTS more murals of different sizes, types and themes. Our murals are always fun, unique and whismical.

website: www.elephantsonthewall.com/diy-wall-art-mural-kits-paint-by-numbers-mega-baseball-wall-mural

price: Price: $79.95

Categories: Parenting


by TrueWomb - October 21, 2012

TrueWomb® TrueWomb® has redefined swaddling care as we know it by engineering the first and only two-stage swaddling system designed, the way Mother Nature intended. This JPMA award winning innovative technology sets out to address baby’s transition from womb to world in a way never seen or done before. Our concepts and designs are simple and easily understood and more important, very effective in solving problems that most newborns and infants experience. By replicating the basic functional design of the womb, baby now has the freedom to kick and stretch while active, but return to a blissful womblike position while at rest. This revolutionary engineering also makes TrueWomb® the first swaddling care system capable of preventing startle reflex properly and by design, greatly reduces or even eliminating colic, all to help improve the health and development of newborns and infants as they grow. And this is where the magic happens, “the gift of sleep!” Because when baby sleeps, eve

website: www.truewomb.com

price: Price: $39.99

Categories: Parenting


Pure Love. Pure Luxury. Pyar & Co.

by Pyar&Co - October 15, 2012

Inspired by the richness of India and drawn by the elegance and opulence of their textiles, Pyar & Co. strives to combine the classic look of Indian Saris with contemporary designs. Handcrafted by talented artisans, each pillow is formed from a portfolio of over 1400 exquisite Indian woven silks, jacquards, and velvets, and embellished with hand-dyed threads and beads that have been individually selected from Calcutta markets. The S Collection pairs the warm tones of golds, pinks, and rust accentuated with silver and frost colored beads for a look that is both luxuriously soft and sophisticated. Its neutral tones are set off with sparkling details reminiscent of dazzling snow and frost covered tree branches, letting the elegant side of the changing seasons set the mood. Pyar&Co. blends the rich details and colors of traditional Indian clothing with modern influences, paying tribute to the artistry of handcrafted pieces and the beauty of Indian culture.

website: www.pyarandco.com


Categories: Home & Garden


Helen Keller Heart HKN-230

by Kathy Bransfield Jewelry - October 12, 2012

“The Best and most Beautiful things in the World cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the Heart” –Helen Keller Size : 1 and 1/8 x 5/8 in. Chain: 20 in. Snake chain Sterling silver and 22k gold plated brass necklace

website: www.kathybransfieldjewelry.com

price: Price: $90.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Indoor/Outdoor socks for dogs - for traction, allergies, heat/cold!

by Woodrow Wear, LLC - October 09, 2012

New Greyhound/Poodle/Whippet product launch at HHBacker show on Oct. 12th!! Come see us there! Power Paws by Woodrow Wear are an indoor/outdoor, sock-based product that is designed for a dog's foot. They are soft, comfortable, breathable, and conform to the foot. With the right size, they stay on! Indoors, they provide traction, mobility, fashion, wound and hardwood floor protection. Outdoors, Power Paws protect paws from allergens, extreme heat (pavement and sand), and extreme cold (snow, ice, salt)! Power Paws are available in 8 sizes to fit Chihuahuas to St. Bernards. There are 11 designs, including general-purpose and fun holiday patterns! We also have a specialty product for greyhounds and poodles. Power Paws are eco-friendly and made of cotton/elastic for comfort. They do not need buckles or Velcro to stay in place. They can be machine washed and dried. 98% of 80,000+ dogs do NOT mind wearing them! Call or email with questions or to request a sample.

website: www.woodrowwear.com


Categories: Pets


Hand Warmers- Xob Upcycled

by Icebox Knitting - October 07, 2012

Xob(Zob) prides itself on transforming unwanted sweaters and knitwear into charming new forms, giving them a life beyond the trash pile. The Xob Hand Warmer is made from conditioned re-purposed thrift sweaters and trimmed using fine Italian boucle yarn. They are the perfect way to live green while keeping fingers warm. A solid semi-felted sweater is reworked into these fun hand warmers, and then embellished with accent pieces along the fingertips and thumb that are knitted from recycled yarn! Available in Black/Grey (shown),brown/tan,brights and blue/greens for additional colors visit http://photobucket.com/xobhandwarmers

website: www.xobhats.com

price: Price: $28.00

Categories: Lifestyle


A Journal Just For Grandma, A Great Christmas Gift Idea!!

by Journals Unlimited - October 04, 2012

Each of our journals is complete with thoughtful prompts true to the Journals Unlimited style. All of Grandma’s memories are special to the whole family! This uniquely designed journal gives Grandma a place to write about activities together, highlights of the day, things we learned, and words of wisdom. The space at the top of each page lets Grandma write the name and age of the special loved one she’s spending time with that day whether it be a special young friend, one grandchild, or multiple grandchildren and friends! This will truly be a treasured item for the whole family to reflect on now or when the children are grown. Hardcover design, recycled paper, soy-based ink, printed in the USA. Free shipping specials available on Amazon.com. Leave a facebook comment for Journals Unlimited and receive FREE SHIPPING using code: fbfan at the NEW JournalsUnlimited.com.

website: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009CYEBLO


Categories: Lifestyle


MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats - The Hottest New Product for Moms

by MoBoleez - October 01, 2012

Passionate Breastfeeding Advocate and Mom-preneur Invents a Breastfeeding Hat! Diane Sam is passionate about breastfeeding. So passionate in fact, she invented the world’s first breastfeeding hat, a unique product that combines style and fun with a practical purpose. MoBoleez™ hats, are designed for breastfeeding, with a little head for baby and a big floppy brim that covers the mom’s breast. The hats come in a variety of fun designs, fashionable prints and colours, and help moms "cover the breast, not the breastfeeding”. Diane is a passionate breastfeeding advocate who wants new moms to feel powerful and confident when breastfeeding. She invented the breastfeeding hat to help new moms overcome one of the "booby traps" that prevent them from starting or continuing breastfeeding. She believes moms should "Go Anywhere. Feel Confident. Breastfeed your Baby." - anytime, anywhere and for as long as they want (ask her about still breastfeeding her 4 yr old!)

website: www.moboleez.com

price: Price: $29.00

Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn

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