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Manhattan Wine Shades

by DI POTTER - July 31, 2012

Enhance your table with an elegant set of ready-to-assemble translucent Wine Glass Lamp Shades in coordinating patterns. The Manahattan shades are available in white, black or gray and fit a standard wine glass. Simply place a flameless tea light in the wine glass to create instant ambiance for any occasion. Made in the USA.

website: www.dipotter.com


Categories: Lifestyle


"UDDERLY" Amazing Dr Hess 'Baby Butts' Ointment for Diaper Rash!

by Dr. Hess Products, LLC - July 30, 2012

Everyone knows the uncomfortable and unhappy screams of a baby suffering from diaper rash. Dr. Hess Udder Ointment for Baby Butts is here to ease them rough spots and soothe the burning - offering some relief for mom and baby. And now, Udder Ointment for Baby Butts comes in a 4oz. tube, perfect for those on-the-go Moms, Dads, and babies looking to sooth their baby bottom needs. Their new packaging makes application less messy and a lot easier to use!!! Udder Ointment is a pharmacist recommended skin cream for dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, diaper rash, athletic chafing, eczema, burns, abrasions, and more.

website: http://udderointment.com/products/

price: Price: $9.99

Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn


MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats - The Hottest New Product for Moms

by MoBoleez - July 30, 2012

Passionate Breastfeeding Advocate and Mom-preneur Invents a Breastfeeding Hat! Diane Sam is passionate about breastfeeding. So passionate in fact, she invented the world’s first breastfeeding hat, a unique product that combines style and fun with a practical purpose. MoBoleez™ hats, are designed for breastfeeding, with a little head for baby and a big floppy brim that covers the mom’s breast. The hats come in a variety of fun designs, fashionable prints and colours, and help moms "cover the breast, not the breastfeeding”. Diane is a passionate breastfeeding advocate who wants new moms to feel powerful and confident when breastfeeding. She invented the breastfeeding hat to help new moms overcome one of the "booby traps" that prevent them from starting or continuing breastfeeding. She believes moms should "Go Anywhere. Feel Confident. Breastfeed your Baby." - anytime, anywhere and for as long as they want (ask her about still breastfeeding her 4 yr old!)

website: www.moboleez.com

price: Price: $29.00

Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn


Owie Pillow introduces the "Preggi Pillow"

by The Owie Pillow, LLC - July 30, 2012

Commute in stylish comfort with the Preggi Pillow designed by the Owie Pillow to fit safely between the lower lateral seat belt and your burgeoning belly. It can also be used postpartum to reduce the pressure from a C-section incision. This product helps alleviate the pressure against the person’s abdomen, thereby reducing stress and pain in this area. It can be used by any motorist and is especially helpful to pregnant women and those suffering from abdominal injuries, wounds, recent surgery, or pain. It may also be used in conjunction with seat belts worn on an aircraft and used for lumbar support too!

website: www.owiepillow.com

price: Price: $34.99

Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn


The Memory Clothes Bear: YOUR CLOTHES, recycled. remade. remembered

by The Patchwork Bear - July 30, 2012

Every parent has their child’s outgrown clothes, full of stains and happy memories. What to do with these precious clothes? The Patchwork Bear transforms treasured clothing into a custom Patchwork Bear. The process is simple: place clothing in the box provided and ship to The Patchwork Bear. In 2-4 weeks, you will receive a custom bear made entirely from your clothing. That’s it! Includes: complimentary personalization, return shipping of finished bear, instructions for choosing clothes, optional design guide if you would like to design your bear. Winner: 2011 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award Not just for baby/kids clothes! Also great for t-shirts, school/sport uniforms, wedding dress, military uniforms, even clothes from a loved one who has passed away (memory bear).

website: thepatchworkbear.com

price: Price: $98.00

Categories: Parenting


Sparking Your Child's Interest About Their Future

by Spark & Spark, Inc - July 30, 2012

In a world where mom and dad's work goes unnoticed, and superheroes get top billing, one company has created a unique way to educate kids about the careers of their future. Spark & Spark introduces Everyday Heroes™: a line of personalized lunchboxes, placemats, growth charts, and puzzles, that are just perfect for kids ages 2-6. The Everyday Heroes™ collection feature boys and girls dressed up in a professional outfit and a background/scene related to such profession. Available in various ethnicities and hair colors (blonde, brunette, black hair, African American, and Asian), these products allow kids to visualize themselves as “real professionals” when they grow up, while learning relevant vocabulary to the featured profession and healthy eating tips. The Everyday Heroes™ collection offers six professions per gender: artist, ballerina, doctor, teacher, chef, and movie star for girls; and astronaut, firefighter, doctor, police, chef, & football player for boys.

website: www.sparkandspark.com

price: Price: $30.00

Categories: Parenting


THE SMURFS™ Classic Series Debut on App Store and iBookstore

by iStoryTime - July 30, 2012

For the first time ever the Smurf Classics Series is now available for your iPad from zuuka. The classic Smurf stories have been updated to digital format and now feature animations throughout for a more interactive reading and storytime experience. Follow all your favourite blue heroes into their world of fun and adventures and read those stories to your children that you know so well from your own childhood. Family-friendly and packed with fun, this selection of Smurf adventures is a must have in your app library. Features: - record your own voice for personalized narration - two narration options: read yourself or have the story be read out to you - in app sale: collect your own library - animated stories with sound details on each page

website: www.bit.ly/ztTaR8


Categories: Parenting


ARTS Inner Earbuds

by chicBuds - July 30, 2012

chicBuds, the company known for such problem-solving products as retractable earphones and pocket speakers, has broken the traditional cord mold with the ARTS Series of flat, printed cords. They are the first ever to dream up the design and have managed to transform one of mp3 listeners' most annoying problems into a distant memory--and of course they're doing it with a style all their own. Not only are consumers getting a highly-functional product, but also a new way to express their style. The flat design makes it possible for chicBuds to print on the actual earbud cords, creating a fun outlet for showing off. AND THEY ARE THE FIRST COMPANY TO EVER ACHIEVE THE TASK OF PRINTING ON FLAT CORDS SUCCESSFULLY! Choose from exotic Zebra, Pink Leopard, or Blue Graffiti motifs and say goodbye to the boring audio blues. chicBuds, pronounced “sheek-buds” is the first ever electronics companies run 100% by women.

website: www.chicbuds.com

price: Price: $29.99

Categories: Parenting


Fish for Words Sight Words Game for Kids

by fishforwords.com - July 30, 2012

Perfect back-to-school project! Give kids a jump start on their new school grade with this green-friendly online educational game designed to help children independently learn "Sight Words"--which is the core foundation for learning to read and is taught in every elementary school. Sight words are common words such as "the" and "to" that need to be recognized on sight, because they can't be sounded out. They make up 50-75% of all reading material. FishforWords.com helps children learn and spell Sight Words quickly--and helps them develop into smoother readers. Get FREE Printable Sight Words at FishforWords.com and get $10 off (contact us for a special code for your publication).

website: www.fishforwords.com

price: Price: $14.95

Categories: Parenting


Beat the Back To School Blues with Huggalo!!

by REDORB - July 30, 2012

Growing up is hard to do, but with a Huggalo Doll all those scary first experiences becomes friendly adventures! Starting school or heading back after a summer of fun with Mom and Dad can be a big transition for little ones. Teary goodbyes, sleepless nap times, and temper tantrums are no fun for anyone. For an easy way to transform first day jitters into loads of fun, send the kids back to school with a Huggalo. These cuddly buddies are designed to ease kids into new situations and surroundings, transforming something scary into something welcoming. Each Huggalo is a cute and squishy friend with a soft, translucent frame on its tummy that is used to store favorite photos of loved ones. Whenever they feel sad or lonely on the playground or in class, all they have to do is give their Huggalo a squeeze and take a look at a familiar photo.Super Hero Huggsley will swoop in and save the day by reminding his pal that even though loved ones may be far away, they can still be a part of the day.

website: www.huggalo.com

price: Price: $24.95

Categories: Parenting

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