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Ex-Project Runway Kara Janx new maids line....

by bellabridesmaid.com - June 29, 2011

Bella Bridesmaid is thrilled to announce it's exclusive line of maids dresses by ex-Project Runway star Kara Janx! The chic, whimsical and cocktail-appropriate frocks are in stores now. For more info please email franchise@bellabridesmaid.com. www.bellabridesmaid.com

website: www.bellabridesmaid.com


Categories: Wedding


Bridesmaid Gift to REMEMBER.... Gone VINTAGE.

by chicbuds.com - June 29, 2011

No, these aren't cassettes as we know them. They are portable SPEAKERS! Get ready to raise the roof with your chicBoom or RockBoom Cassette Speaker! No one will guess that such delectably small packaging can pump out so much volume. You'll be amazed by the crispness and clarity of purse sound that will be turning all the heads in your direction. This retro portable speaker is decked out in a stylish design and warning... it may cause others to stare. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started.Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included.

website: www.chicbuds.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Wedding


Beautiful Eyes make you look 10 years younger

by B&P Company Inc - June 28, 2011

Every woman wants Beautiful Eyes and Frownies has just the package. Post pone the signs of aging-around the eyes! -discolored skin -fine lines -puffiness Natural Gel patches of Cactus collagen, aloe and other natural vitamins make a perfect "Quick Fix" for a Spa-at-Home treatment.

website: www.frownies.com

price: Price: $30.00

Categories: Health & Fitness


Summertime Travel Plans? Bring along your Spare Soles

by Spare Soles - June 28, 2011

Summer travel is just around the corner, and Spare Soles are the perfect take-anywhere flip flops and flats to give your feet some relief. Spare Soles Flip Flops are foldable compact flop flops that offer both comfort and style, with their soft material, durable, skid resistant soles, and fun jewel embellishment. Adding to the convenience factor, the wristlet that houses the flip-flops opens up to a tote bag to carry around your towel, sunscreen, and summer time items you keeps handy.

website: www.sparesoles.com


Categories: Fashion & Style


Appeteethers - Teething Toys that make you laugh!

by Little Toader, LLC - June 27, 2011

Appeteethers are fun, safe, teethers that are unlike any others on the market. They come in silly shapes including Chompin' Chicken Wing and a Baby-Q Rib. They are non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Made of silicone to provide relief and have great texturing to help massage sore gums. Kids will love chewing away on these, and parents will get a kick out of watching them. Best of all their products are priced just right. Little Toader is proof parents don't have to pay through the nose for high-end products. Little Toader is the company dedicated to bringing top of the line, unique child products to the public. Safety is at the top of their list, and all products are tested and compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

website: www.littletoader.com

price: Price: $14.99

Categories: Holiday Guide 2011-3



by Otomik Products, Inc. / Petprojekt - June 27, 2011

Your dog won't want to let go of this awesome new toy! Great for tossing, fetching, bouncing and tugging, it features two 100% natural rubber balls, secured to super-tough ballistic nylon. ?100% Natural Rubber ?100% Ballistic Nylon Strap ?Non-Toxic

website: www.otomik.com

price: Price: $18.00

Categories: Pets


Keep Girls away from chemicals while teaching healthy skin care habits

by Good For You Girls - June 24, 2011

Emerging research suggests girls may be particularly sensitive to even trace leves of hormone-disrupting chemicals due to the complex changes hapening in their bodies during puberty. Armed with this knowledge, Good For You Girls founders developed a skin care line that not only helps moms teach their daughters healthy skin care habits it keeps them away from harmful chemicals. Products are made with the finest all natural and organic ingredients and specifically developed for the special needs of younger skin. Deep cleansing and bacteria fighting botanicals are balanced with organic extracts, vitamins and anti-oxidants that pamper and protect. All products are free from parabens, sulfates, propolyne glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrance and dyes. Keeping girls away from chemicals is just the beginning, Good For You Girls is a great way to show your daugher how special she is and teach her the skills to make better decisions for a lifetime.

website: www.goodforyougirls.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Beauty & Bath


Diva Gloss by Big Girl Cosmetics

by Big Girl Cosmetics - June 24, 2011

Diva Gloss for the Diva in You! When only the best will pass the test. We've paired high shine and great shades to create the ultimate lip gloss. This is the ultra-brilliant formula that delivers transparent shine, sensuous shimmer, and sumptuous shades. Super-easy to apply in its very own applicator tube. Just gloss and go. All colors provide a hint of color with long-lasting, non-stick shine!

website: www.biggirlcosmetics.com

price: Price: $15.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath


Kardashian Mom Kris Jenner Keeping up with FROWNIES

by B&P Company Inc - June 24, 2011

Kris and her friends are now fans of Frownies Eye Gels and Beautiful Eyes set. Cactus collagen and all natural brightening and building herbs are used to create a cooling and smoothing under eye and eye lid treatment. Frownies Beauty Products were developed in 1889 by a woman for women. Try Frownies signature Facial Patches for nan-invasive wrinkle reversal between the eye browns and across the forehead or the corner of the eyes and corner of the mouth. Frownies skin care products prevent the signs of aging and to keep smooth beautiful skin.

website: www.frownies.com

price: Price: $90.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath


Bubalina Body Mist

by Bubalina Beauty - June 24, 2011

With the incredible moisturizing properties of Organic Aloe Vera and the nourishing effects of Organic Chamomile, Bubalina's Body Freshener Mists continue the Bubalina tradition of magnificent natural and organic formulations. The mists also contain Organic Rosemary, long known to stimulate circulation (improving concentration and memory), Witch Hazel for soothing the skin, and Rose Water, a natural skin toner and skin balancer. Most of all, the mists are incredibly refreshing and wonderfully fragrant with a light delicate touch. They are available in Citron Rose, Cool Cucumber Melon, Dolcetto, Grapefruit, Tropical Lime and Wild Pomegranate. Bubalina merges the technology of the laboratory - organic formulas, environmentally beneficial packaging and wonderful effects on the skin - to the continuing desire of women to have products that appeal to their femininity. With 19 unique and magnificent scents and sassy feminine packaging, Bubalina has something to delight everyone.

website: www.bubalinabeauty.com

price: Price: $14.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath

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