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Style Trends

Protect your kindle wherever you go!

by Carrie Dunham--www.carriedunham.com - January 31, 2011

CARRIE DUNHAM’s stylish kindle case, the Larchmont, keeps your kindle protected and looking great while at home, on the beach, or commuting to work. Internal soft suede keeps the kindle’s surface from getting scratched while elastic bands keep the kindle in place for a ‘read-in’ style. The case is designed to fit the kindle snugly but is not difficult to take the kindle in and out of the case on a regular basis. It is also designed to fit the nook and the Sony Reader Touch. Various genuine leather styles ranging from distressed olive leather to turquoise printed ostrich make it perfect for both men and women! MSRP: $98.00 Visit www.carriedunham.com to see our other electronic carrying cases that make great gifts for the student, communter or man or woman on the go. Our products include laptop bags and totes, iPad cases, camera cases, phone cases, iPod cases and even functional clutches. These can all be purchased online or at a retailer near you.

website: www.carriedunham.com

price: Price: $98.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Hey Ladies...Hate Pumping Gas? We can help!

by Pump Gloves, LLC - January 31, 2011

When washing hands isn't handy, it's a good idea to don the newly improved line of ultra-chic Pump Gloves! Starting this October, pumping gas is getting dirtier. New regulations require car owners to hold the gas nozzle in the on position for the WHOLE time it takes to fill the tank. Consumers will have to hold that handle, like the hundreds of patrons before them. Don't write this off as just a silly California regulation, other states including New York are doing away with them too. Pump Gloves has released their new line of stylish and protective gloves to keep a woman’s hands safe from the “Gunk at the Gas Pump,” such as gas, grease, grime and germs which are almost never cleaned off. As women are expected to do it all, it's time to nurture the nurturer. With less mess at the pump they can feel confident and clean on their way to work, school, or to pick up the kids. Pump Gloves has been featured in numerous publications, and were recently showcased on the Today Show w/ Kathy Lee

website: www.pumpgloves.com

price: Price: $14.95

Categories: Fashion & Style


chicBoom and RockBoom Cassette SPEAKER for iPod

by chicbuds.com - January 31, 2011

No, these aren't cassettes as we know them. They are portable SPEAKERS! Get ready to raise the roof with your chicBoom or RockBoom Cassette Speaker! No one will guess that such delectably small packaging can pump out so much volume. You'll be amazed by the crispness and clarity of purse sound that will be turning all the heads in your direction. This retro portable speaker is decked out in a stylish design and warning... it may cause others to stare. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started.Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included.

website: www.chicbuds.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Fashion & Style


Hem-Eze Making Hemlines and Headlines

by Hem-Eze, LLC - January 31, 2011

Debra Weisser invented this new product in 2009. Working out of her home in Tampa. She had the product Patented and Trademarked. Debra invented Hem-Eze out of necessity; she needed a convenient, quick, and easy way to put a temporary hem on a pair of pants. In this fast-paced world, sewing just does not fit in. You don’t have to sew to use this product. Flexibility and versatility, that’s what today’s fashionistas want. Hem-Eze has been featured on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas and on the NBC 15 Morning Show "Hot Trends". Hem-Eze was also selected by RealSimple.Com magazine as one of their six Problem Solvers. Real Simple.com says, “End the battle between keeping your pants long to wear heels and short to wear with flats. Place Hem-Eze double-sided tape on the inside of each pant bottom. Then, when the occasion calls for stilettos, remove the tape and release the hem." “Wear High Heels this morning and Sandals tonight… with Hem-Eze” www,hem-eze.com

website: www.Hem-Eze.com

price: Price: $9.95

Categories: Fashion & Style


Saint Francis Couture - Fashion with a Conscience

by Saint Francis Couture - January 31, 2011

Saint Francis Couture designs and manufactures high fashion, animal friendly shoes, accessories, and they are now introducing apparel and jewelry. The company's founder and designer, Tere Albanese, is a vegetarian and refuses to wear anything made from animals. "I thought the world needed some high fashion, moderately priced, comfortable, but sexy, shoes and accessories that were cruelty free," said Tere. The company is named after Saint Francis, who is the patron saint of animals. Her first line is the Africa Collection, which honors African Wildlife. This month's featured product is the Africa Ankle Boot 3" Heel. Great for slipping on under paints or jeans. Rounded Toes for comfort. Rubber sole for quiet, comfortable walking. 5” zipper. 3” heel, which is sexy, but all-day wearable.

website: www.saintfranciscouture.com

price: Price: $58.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Frownies give back to special needs children.

by B&P Company Inc - January 29, 2011

Sales from Frownies Eye Gels are supporting the Lili Clair Foundation for special needs children and helping women keep the eye are wrinkle free. Lili Claire’s mission is to help all children living with a neurogenetic condition, and to provide hope and support for the families who love them. Frownies mission is to make a affective skin treatment product at a reasonable price and give back to those who are making a difference to children and families.

website: www.frownies.com

price: Price: $30.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath


Bubalina Hand & Body Lotion - to soothe the dry skin of winter

by Bubalina Beauty - January 29, 2011

With the finest Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and other soothing and healing ingredients, Bubalina Hand & Body Lotions are the answer to the call of distressed skin. The oils have been used for centuries to treat burns, promote healing, and for soothing skin and keeping it moist. They are light, non-greasy, natural emollients that delay wrinkles and help with many skin issues. Bubalina lotions come in 19 beautiful fragrances and are packaged in a fun, feminine style. Bubalina is found in the finest spas and is now available for retail sale in select boutiques. Bubalina Natural Organics produces an exclusive line of products found in the finest spas. With unique and colorful packaging, each fragrance is represented by a hand-painted watercolor of a Bubalina Girl who represents her individual essence. Bubalina makes Hand & Body Lotions, Sugar Scrubs, Butter Creme's, Shower Gels and Massage Oils and many beautiful gift sets.

website: www.bubalinabeauty.com

price: Price: $22.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath



by Otomik Products, Inc. / Petprojekt - January 29, 2011

Is it a bone? Is it a ball? It's BOTH! Made from 100% Natural Rubber, this 2-in-1 bone shaped toy turns into a ball! It's a ball...it's a bone...it's super fun! Two-in-one Bonbal™ toy is twice the entertainment for dogs! The bright, bouncy ball, made from durable, 100% natural rubber, has ridges that make it extra fun to catch, chew and chomp. Flip the ball inside out and it becomes a rubber bone shaped toy! ?100% Natural Rubber ?Non-Toxic ?2-in-1 Dog Toy

website: www.otomik.com


Categories: Pets


The Go Caddy has a handy place for everything an active person needs to carry.

by BVT Products - January 27, 2011

People on the go who like to bring more than just a bottle of water with them now have a tote just the right size to hold all their items by their side for hands free traveling or on the go fitness. · This unisex-styled bag is just big enough to hold up to a 1.5 liter bottle of water but also has multiple compartments to hold identification, keys, cell phone, camera, maps and much more. · The pleated deep front pocket has an additional hidden security pocket for a passport or money. · The 54” easily adjustable strap allows it to be slipped over a shoulder or worn sling style for hands traveling. Family friendly caddies fit a man, woman or child. · BVT Products designed the Go Caddy™ in luxurious Microfiber because not only is it lightweight but also very durable. · An included water bottle cooler sleeve keeps those drinks nice and cold. · Packs flat for traveling. The stylish Go Caddy™ is the ideal carry all. Order today at www.thegocaddy.com for $19.99 plus $4.95 S$H.

website: www.thegocaddy.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Lifestyle


Hey, Are you expecting 'Fluffy' soon? Then it's time to GET SERiOUS!

by GET SERiOUS! Products - January 21, 2011

In today’s busy world you’re bound to 'seriously' get frustrated about constantly having to CLEAN-up pet potty accidents. Your pets will “naturally” STOP soiling indoors when you use GET SERiOUS!® Odor, Stain & PHEROMONE Extractor -allowing you more enjoyable time to spend playing with you’re fun loveable pets! So buy your "last bottle" of cleaner today, GET SERiOUS!® , the only CLEANer embodying the strength & ability to achieve a "COMPLETE CLEANing" so pets are "no longer confused" by any attraction to their PHEROMONE -body scent! And no waiting for hours, days or weeks for ODORS to go away! Squirt on– Work in– Blot out– You’re done in 3 minutes! Hey, got old or locked-on STAiNS? No problem! Just "warm up" GET SERiOUS!® & re-apply: Open cap & warm bottle in your microwave. Will not harm fiber or color! Nontoxic & biodegradable. Dog&Cat formulas NOW at PetSmart.com, & local pet shops! This is your ONLY solution to "STOPPiNG THE PROBLEM FOR GOOD” -keeping homes CLEAN, PRETTY & FRESH!

website: www.getseriousproducts.com

price: Price: $9.95

Categories: Lifestyle

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