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Saint Francis Couture - Fashion with a Conscience

by Saint Francis Couture - October 29, 2010

Saint Francis Couture designs and manufactures high fashion, animal friendly shoes, accessories, and they are now introducing apparel and jewelry. The company's founder and designer, Tere Albanese, is a vegetarian and refuses to wear anything made from animals. "I thought the world needed some high fashion, moderately priced, comfortable, but sexy, shoes and accessories that were cruelty free," said Tere. The company is named after Saint Francis, who is the patron saint of animals. Her first line is the Africa Collection, which honors African Wildlife. This month's featured product is the Africa Ankle Boot 3" Heel. Great for slipping on under paints or jeans. Rounded Toes for comfort. Rubber sole for quiet, comfortable walking. 5” zipper. 3” heel, which is sexy, but all-day wearable.

website: www.saintfranciscouture.com

price: Price: $58.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Hem-Eze Making Hemlines and Headlines

by Hem-Eze, LLC - October 29, 2010

Debra Weisser invented this new product in 2009. Working out of her home in Tampa. She had the product Patented and Trademarked. Debra invented Hem-Eze out of necessity; she needed a convenient, quick, and easy way to put a temporary hem on a pair of pants. In this fast-paced world, sewing just does not fit in. You don’t have to sew to use this product. Flexibility and versatility, that’s what today’s fashionistas want. Hem-Eze has been featured on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas and on the NBC 15 Morning Show "Hot Trends". Hem-Eze was also selected by RealSimple.Com magazine as one of their six Problem Solvers. Real Simple.com says, “End the battle between keeping your pants long to wear heels and short to wear with flats. Place Hem-Eze double-sided tape on the inside of each pant bottom. Then, when the occasion calls for stilettos, remove the tape and release the hem." “Wear High Heels this morning and Sandals tonight… with Hem-Eze” www,hem-eze.com

website: www.Hem-Eze.com

price: Price: $14.95

Categories: Fashion & Style


Celebrate Halloween with PakNaks!

by PakNak.com - October 28, 2010

PakNaks® (www.paknak.com) are decorative accessories to transform plain backpacks, lunch bags, headbands and other stuff into personalized, ever-changing, colorful works of art. With 40+ designs that are interchangeable, weather resistant and quickly and easily adhered to (read: no ironing, sewing or pinning!) all of your stuff, PakNak® makes changing your style as easy as changing your Nak. Check-out this fun YouTube clip: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pXMGXermgk&NR=1) PakNak® is a Portland, Oregon based company started by two moms. Customer feedback has been that kids LOVE them because they are fun, quirky collectibles and parents adore them because they are so easy to stick on and change out because of the custom self-adhesive Velcro. The newest line is made from recycled plastic and all designs are interchangeable! Consider using PakNaks® for birthday party giveaways, tooth fairy leave behinds, incentives, gifts, luggage identifiers, hostess gifts, etc.

website: www.paknak.com

price: Price: $3.99

Categories: Parenting


Creative Baby Inc.

by Creative Baby Inc, - October 28, 2010

Sound Beginnings is the easiest, most durable, and most comfortable way for mothers to safely share their favorite music, sounds, and stories with their babies in the womb. Sound Beginnings’ soft fabric band, with its integrated waterproof speakers, is a perfect fit for an expectant mom and comfortable enough for her to wear all day. There’s no assembly required, and the complete device -- speakers and all -- is machine washable. To ensure baby can safely enjoy Sound Beginnings, volume output is limited to a level scientifically proven to be safe for listening. No other product on the market allows an expectant mother to play music and sound for her baby that is as simple to use, as comfortable, or as affordable as Sound Beginnings. Take a look at why Sound Beginnings has won 6 awards in 4 months.

website: www.creative-baby.com

price: Price: $49.95

Categories: Parenting


Bubalina Body Sugar Scrub Nominated for Best of 2011

by Bubalina Beauty - October 26, 2010

Bubalina Grapefruit Anti-Cellulite Body Sugar Scrub has been nominated by Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa Magazine for Best of 2011 in the Body Exfoliant category. Grapefruit Body Sugar Scrub by Bubalina is an Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment, rich with fabulous ingredients and the texture of sugary souffle. With Organic Capsicum (cayenne) Extract for promoting circulation, Citrus Paradies (sweet pink grapefruit) essential oil for toning skin cell tissues and Sea Kelp for revitalization and firmness, the scrub promises a highly effective body treatment or manicure /pedicure exfolilation. It's fresh grapefruit scent and other ingredients such as Organic Sugar, Organic African Wildcrafted Shea Butter, Organic Cucumber and Organic Calendula complete the magnificence of this fabulous Bubalina offering. Bubalina is thrilled with the nomination and invites anyone to vote by going to http://www.lneonline.com/p/showprod.php?catid=8&submit=Go+to+Category. All support is greatly appreciated.

website: www.bubalinabeauty.com

price: Price: $24.00

Categories: Beauty & Bath


Smile, Sparkle and SHINE furr me!

by Designs for You - October 25, 2010

furr me! is so excited to be the exclusive distributor of a new "gem" sure to win BEST IN SHOW!!....Shine by COLLE..a luxury jewelry cleaning MOUSSE ..good bye old liquids, dips, sprays..toxic products, Hello Shine!

Shine's unique jewelry cleaning mousse is all natural and non-toxic, plus it's packaged in a sleek 100% sustainable 3 oz can made from recycled materials. It is safe to use on your best friends tags, and jewels both fine and fun (pearls and emeralds not recommended).

furrme! continues to offer you nothing but the best...

Shine..unique, simple and convenient

A Holiday MUST HAVE!!!!

website: furrme.com

price: Price: $15.00

Categories: Pets



by Whoops Bunny - October 25, 2010

It's okay to splash in puddles with Whoops Bunny's gorgeous lined Raincoat and coordinating Rain boots. The lined Raincoat features a cute and colorful pattern on the inside with our bunny in four colors on the outside. The rubber Rain Boots match the lining pattern. The Raincoat can roll up for every size back and is easily cleaned. For ages 2 to 8 approximately.

website: www.whoopsbunny.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Parenting


Christmas Photo Cards: Tweet This

by RUVacards - October 24, 2010

Holiday Photo Card: Tweet this. so cool,, add your sentiments, in a tweet form to stay connected to friends and family

Check our HomeTown Favorite, A holiday card designed just for the Windy City.

Also new is zoom in designs, chalkboard and paper and tape holiday cards, featuring kids artwork. I love these new cards, include a photo in the chalkboard design for a fun and modern look.

website: www.ruvacards.com

price: Price: $1.89

Categories: Lifestyle


belle et bonne designs

by belle et bonne, LLC - October 22, 2010

belle et bonne designs are fashion forward with classic appeal and are popular among news anchors, radio personalities and other celebrities like Grammy winning pop singer, Colbie Caillat. We not only sell our jewelry to a star-studded audience, but our line also has a strong charity component. We support The Nature Conservancy through our 100% recycled sterling silver Tree of Life Medallion necklace and the Tigerlily Foundation, a breast cancer awareness organization, through our sterling silver Pink Dogwood Pendant necklace matching cuff ring. A portion of the proceeds are donated to these charities. Overall, our designs are beautiful and warm hearted or belle et bonne!

website: www.bellebonne.com

price: Price: $209.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


chicBoom and RockBoom Cassette SPEAKER for iPod

by chicbuds.com - October 22, 2010

No, these aren't cassettes as we know them. They are portable SPEAKERS! Get ready to raise the roof with your chicBoom or RockBoom Cassette Speaker! No one will guess that such delectably small packaging can pump out so much volume. You'll be amazed by the crispness and clarity of purse sound that will be turning all the heads in your direction. This retro portable speaker is decked out in a stylish design and warning... it may cause others to stare. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started.Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery. Up to 2 hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included.

website: www.chicbuds.com

price: Price: $19.99

Categories: Parenting

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