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Hem-Eze Making Hemlines and Headlines

by Hem-Eze, LLC - September 30, 2010

Debra Weisser invented this new product in 2009. Working out of her home in Tampa. She had the product Patented and Trademarked. Debra invented Hem-Eze out of necessity; she needed a convenient, quick, and easy way to put a temporary hem on a pair of pants. In this fast-paced world, sewing just does not fit in. You don’t have to sew to use this product. Flexibility and versatility, that’s what today’s fashionistas want. Hem-Eze has been featured on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas and on the NBC 15 Morning Show "Hot Trends". Hem-Eze was also selected by RealSimple.Com magazine as one of their six Problem Solvers. Real Simple.com says, “End the battle between keeping your pants long to wear heels and short to wear with flats. Place Hem-Eze double-sided tape on the inside of each pant bottom. Then, when the occasion calls for stilettos, remove the tape and release the hem." “Wear High Heels this morning and Sandals tonight… with Hem-Eze” www,hem-eze.com

website: www.Hem-Eze.com

price: Price: $14.95

Categories: Fashion & Style


Saint Francis Couture - Fashion with a Conscience

by Saint Francis Couture - September 30, 2010

Saint Francis Couture designs and manufactures high fashion, animal friendly shoes, accessories, and they are now introducing apparel and jewelry. The company's founder and designer, Tere Albanese, is a vegetarian and refuses to wear anything made from animals. "I thought the world needed some high fashion, moderately priced, comfortable, but sexy, shoes and accessories that were cruelty free," said Tere. The company is named after Saint Francis, who is the patron saint of animals. Her first line is the Africa Collection, which honors African Wildlife. This month's featured product is the Africa Ankle Boot 3" Heel. Great for slipping on under paints or jeans. Rounded Toes for comfort. Rubber sole for quiet, comfortable walking. 5” zipper. 3” heel, which is sexy, but all-day wearable.

website: www.saintfranciscouture.com

price: Price: $58.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


FROWNIES Beautiful Eyes

by B&P Company Inc - September 29, 2010

Every woman wants Beautiful Eyes and Frownies has just the package. Introducing a new eye gel used to stop the signs of aging on the under eye and eye lid area made of all natural cactus collagen and bear berry, along with Forehead and Between Eyes patch to correct expression lines etching their way on to the skin. Rose Water Hydrating Spray is used with both items to activate and prolong use of the products as well as plump fine lines. 49% vitamin E serum Immune Shield is an important part of Beautiful Eyes to daily protect and restore the eye skin area. Your Beautiful Eyes are the goal. Package includes 3 sets of 2 eye gels to be used as 9 treatments, 144 Forehead and Between Eye patches, Rose Water Hydrator and plumper 2.0 ounces, & Immune Shield Serum 2.0 ounces.

website: www.frownies.com

price: Price: $124.00

Categories: Health & Fitness


Infect your life with energy and vitality! Extend your bodies warranty

by B&P Company Inc - September 28, 2010

Did you know, 70% of how you age is determined by age 50. Health and Beauty expert Dr. Kathy Wright helps YOU take charge of your choices. Health on the inside equals beauty on the surface. The author has lived all the changes she suggests and will lead the reader to a healthier life. The reader has a choice to examine her core beliefs and agree to act upon the new ideas. Your Health in Your Hands itself is a journey—suggesting we must take every action we can to obtain better health. You can control your genes and extend your bodies warranty, you will never look at the body and aging the same way again. YOU are the major key to your better heal

website: www.frownies.com

price: Price: $24.95

Categories: Beauty & Bath



by Whoops Bunny - September 27, 2010

Whoops Bunny’s smile-inducing soft and durable range of bags & coordinating accessories are now available in time for back-to-school 2010. Also suitable for college, work, diaper bag or wear them just because you like them! The range includes two key designs for boys and girls built around the Whoops Bunny story about a bunny having a ‘whoops’. Look out for our Kite Whoops Bunny and Super Whoops Bunny. There is a Messenger Bag with additional front pocket, a Back Pack, insulated Lunch Box with handle, a Pencil Holder and Wallet with a zipper for coins. Bags are lined in bright orange with a inside zippered pocket and all Bags & Lunch Box include a name card. If there is stuff that needs to be lugged around no matter the situation, these bags & accessories are for you. Did we mention they are almost guaranteed to make you smile?

website: www.whoopsbunny.com


Categories: Parenting


Celebrate Halloween with PakNaks!

by PakNak.com - September 27, 2010

PakNaks® (www.paknak.com) are decorative accessories to transform plain backpacks, lunch bags, headbands and other stuff into personalized, ever-changing, colorful works of art. With 40+ designs that are interchangeable, weather resistant and quickly and easily adhered to (read: no ironing, sewing or pinning!) all of your stuff, PakNak® makes changing your style as easy as changing your Nak. Check-out this fun YouTube clip: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pXMGXermgk&NR=1) PakNak® is a Portland, Oregon based company started by two moms. Customer feedback has been that kids LOVE them because they are fun, quirky collectibles and parents adore them because they are so easy to stick on and change out because of the custom self-adhesive Velcro. The newest line is made from recycled plastic and all designs are interchangeable! Consider using PakNaks® for birthday party giveaways, tooth fairy leave behinds, incentives, gifts, luggage identifiers, hostess gifts, etc.

website: www.paknak.com

price: Price: $3.99

Categories: Parenting



by Piggy Paint, LLC - September 27, 2010

Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, eco-friendly nail polish for festive lil' piggies! Piggy Paint offers dozens of fun and vibrant colors to choose from that can purchased alone or in gift sets like “Toe-Tally Fancy” and “Girls Rule”. These cool color combos and polish removers come wrapped in a beautiful organza bag and are perfect for parties or sleepovers. And just in time for the holidays, gift sets with names like “Mistle Toes”, “Jingle Nail Rock”, and “Snowflake Fairy” make sensational stocking stuffers for the little princesses on your list!

website: www.piggypaint.com


Categories: Parenting


Holiday Gifts- Never leave home without your buds

by chicbuds.com - September 27, 2010

Never Leave Home Without Your Buds- new products by chicBuds.com To the creators of ChicBuds, the word “bud” doesn't just mean earphones. It means a handy, sometimes glamorous, companion to all those electronics that make life easier, more fun, and altogether better. With ChicBuds, customers are getting a tool meant to enrich their lives, embellish their wardrobe, and get the most use out of their music listening devices and cell phones. The idea behind the company has always been a clear one: provide a one-of-a-kind product men and women can't live without, and make it functional, economical, and a fashion must have. Their products' popularity has made it clear they hit the jackpot with their branding. Fashion and function are interchangeable when it comes to describing any of the listening devices chicBuds has to offer. Wide arrange of products including the new Key Chain Speaker by chicBuds.com prices start at only $9.99

website: www.chicbuds.com


Categories: Parenting


Christmas Photo Cards: With Love from Texas and Kids Artwork

by RUVacards - September 24, 2010

Holiday Photo Card: State Postcard Style: We were inspired this season to add a little home state flavor to holiday photo cards. Our designers Incorporate your state look and feel into a custom greeting and photo card. We started with Texas! Each card is a Big Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and incorporates 1-4 photos.

Kids Artwork: Christmas Cards

As always Ruvacards.com works hard to bring you the most unique way to use and admire children's artwork. Not only do we print a very cool designed card, we include a magnet with the same artwork on it. Image the surprise when you your friends and family get this card.

Also new is zoom in designs, chalkboard and paper and tape holiday cards, featuring kids artwork. I love these new cards, include a photo in the chalkboard design for a fun and modern look.

website: www.ruvacards.com


Categories: Parenting


Introducing Layermi: The World's Best Bandeau! The Perfect Layering Piece has Just Hit the Market...

by Layermi Apparel Group - September 24, 2010

Is it true?? Did a bandeau that actually fits hit the market? The answer is YES! With Layermi, women of all shapes, sizes, and places in life finally have a way to add a pop of color, cover cleavage, and feel comfortable and sexy, without the added bulk of extra t-shirts or undergarments. The factor that can either make or break a bandeau is, hands-down, the fit. Many a company has tried to create a comfortable and functional bandeau, but all have failed before now. Layermi's innovative use of fabrics and their patent pending design have come together for a snug, comfortable, and supportive bandeau that is unlike any other on the market! Its pattern ensures it stays in place while adequately covering women's breasts whether it's for a day in the office or a night on the town. Women of all ages, from teens to 82, are drawn to the soft, touchable fabric and the super cute and sexy lace. Wear over your bra or by itself! The invisibleness and comfort make it a best seller!

website: www.layermi.com


Categories: Fashion & Style

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