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The FUMI is the Perfect Holiday Gift Under $25.00!

by FUMI, Inc. - August 30, 2010

Looking for a perfect Holiday Gift that is under $25.00? The FUMI Bracelet PurseHook, now packaged and gift ready, is here for the Holidays! The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is a PurseHook, Bangle Bracelet, and Purse Accessory, all in one! The FUMI strives to make lives easier by combining FASHION WITH PURPOSE as it transforms from a beautiful Bangle Bracelet to a functional PurseHook, keeping your handbag safe, clean, and germ free. Not only does the FUMI stay on the outside of your handbag with a patented bypass, it has an eco-friendly rubber backing to hold it in place. On your handbag as an accessory or on your wrist as a great bangle, the FUMI is readily accessible to use in restaurants, theaters, public restrooms, shopping carts, sporting events, baby bags, and much more! You can order yours today at www.theFUMI.com or email info@theFUMI.com for a retail location near you.

website: www.theFUMI.com


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Saint Francis Couture - Fashion with a Conscience

by Saint Francis Couture - August 27, 2010

Saint Francis Couture designs and manufactures high fashion, animal friendly shoes, accessories, and they are now introducing apparel and jewelry. The company's founder and designer, Tere Albanese, is a vegetarian and refuses to wear anything made from animals. "I thought the world needed some high fashion, moderately priced, comfortable, but sexy, shoes and accessories that were cruelty free," said Tere. The company is named after Saint Francis, who is the patron saint of animals. Her first line is the Africa Collection, which honors African Wildlife. This month's featured product is the Africa Ankle Boot 3" Heel. Great for slipping on under paints or jeans. Rounded Toes for comfort. Rubber sole for quiet, comfortable walking. 5” zipper. 3” heel, which is sexy, but all-day wearable.

website: www.saintfranciscouture.com

price: Price: $58.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Luxe blankets and blankies bring comfort to moms of preemies, adotoptees and other babies

by Sue Berk Designs - August 26, 2010

Sue Berk Designs introduces a new line of luxe Blankets and Blankies. These blankets hold special meaning for moms of babies who are born prematurely, are adopted or may have been conceived after a long time trying. Sue’s own baby, Rachael, was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis, and spent 8 weeks in the NICU. There were times that Sue did not know if Rachael might live or die and she derived some comfort knowing that Rachael had an “Angels watching over me” blanket in her NICU isolet. Blankets feature embroidery with one of 3 messages: "Bless this Child," "Angels watching over me" or "For this child, I have prayed." The blankets coordinate nicely with Sue Berk Designs’ established line of ceramic crosses and wood frames. Suggested retail prices are $14-$30. Sue Berk Designs products are available at 1000+ stores across the US, and on 20+ websites.Lead-free paints and glazes.

website: www.sueberkdesigns.com


Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn


Personalized Peace Sign Tee Shirt

by BabyBox.com - August 26, 2010

Peace signs are bigger than ever this year! Babybox.com is offering some of the cutest personalized peace sign shirts we have found. Their Personalized Polka Dot Peace Shirt and Personalized Stripe Peace Shirts are getting attention from kids and adults with their bright fun colors and positive message. Choose from an array of color combinations such as a pink with orange polka dots, purple and green dots or for the boys in the family, green / navy blue stripes. Shirts are printed with a peace sign and the words “peace, love, and your child’s name” underneath, all on comfy 100% ringspun cotton. Peace signs are super popular…why not wear your peace sign just a little different from the rest! (Shown here purple & green polka dots). Peace, love and your child’s name are written underneath. Can substitute child's name with any word or phrase. Your customized logo will be printed on a high quality, 100% ringspun cotton. $32 Short Sleeve / $34 Long Sleeve

website: www.babybox.com

price: Price: $34.00

Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn


Protect your kindle wherever you go!

by Carrie Dunham--www.carriedunham.com - August 26, 2010

CARRIE DUNHAM’s stylish kindle case, the Larchmont, keeps your kindle protected and looking great while at home, on the beach, or commuting to work. Internal soft suede keeps the kindle’s surface from getting scratched while elastic bands keep the kindle in place for a ‘read-in’ style. The case is designed to fit the kindle snugly but is not difficult to take the kindle in and out of the case on a regular basis. It is also designed to fit the nook and the Sony Reader Touch. Various genuine leather styles ranging from distressed olive leather to turquoise printed ostrich make it perfect for both men and women! MSRP: $98.00 Visit www.carriedunham.com to see our other electronic carrying cases that make great gifts for the student, communter or man or woman on the go. Our products include laptop bags and totes, iPad cases, camera cases, phone cases, iPod cases and even functional clutches. These can all be purchased online or at a retailer near you.

website: www.carriedunham.com

price: Price: $98.00

Categories: Fashion & Style


Holiday Gifts- Never leave home without your buds

by chicbuds.com - August 24, 2010

Never Leave Home Without Your Buds- new products by chicBuds.com To the creators of ChicBuds, the word “bud” doesn't just mean earphones. It means a handy, sometimes glamorous, companion to all those electronics that make life easier, more fun, and altogether better. With ChicBuds, customers are getting a tool meant to enrich their lives, embellish their wardrobe, and get the most use out of their music listening devices and cell phones. The idea behind the company has always been a clear one: provide a one-of-a-kind product men and women can't live without, and make it functional, economical, and a fashion must have. Their products' popularity has made it clear they hit the jackpot with their branding. Fashion and function are interchangeable when it comes to describing any of the listening devices chicBuds has to offer. Wide arrange of products including the new Key Chain Speaker by chicBuds.com prices start at only $9.99

website: www.chicbuds.com


Categories: Parenting


Earth-Friendly, Lung-Friendly, and Recession-Friendly: GoodLight Natural Candles

by GoodLight Natural Candles - August 23, 2010

Earth-Friendly, Lung-Friendly, and Recession-Friendly, GoodLight Natural Candles are the first ever nontoxic candle offered at paraffin prices. You’ve seen the bulk bags of tea lights at Ikea and Walgreens. And you’ve eaten dinner over the little white votives burning on virtually every restaurant table in the country— the same candles clustered on church altars, in spas and and yoga studios, at wedding receptions, and probably on your shelves at home. Those candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax, which, up until this spring, were the only affordable choice on the market. Most people don’t realize that paraffin wax is the toxic waste from oil refineries, and that its fumes are linked to cancer and birth defects. With GoodLight’s palm wax candles, you can have pure, healthy candlelight that cost far less than any beeswax or soy wax candle on the market. Learn more at www.naturalcandles.com, where you can buy GoodLight or find the GoodLight retailer closest to you.

website: www.naturalcandles.com


Categories: Lifestyle


Abiie© Introduces the Revolutionary G2G® Baby Deck® Stroller

by Abiie, LLC - August 23, 2010

New parents Jane and Ken needed to change baby Ethan, but could never find a sanitary surface in public. After countless runs to their car for diaper duty, Texas dad and entrepreneurial engineer Ken Chuah invented a high-quality stroller with a built-in changing station. Three years in development, the seat of the patented Abiie© G2G® Baby Deck® Stroller instantly converts into a diaper board with a washable anti-microbial pad and a compartment for baby wipes. Weighing only 18 lbs, the durable G2G® is available in three colors. This high-end, Euro-style collapsible stroller features a full canopy, cup holder, superior wheels, double brakes, ample storage, and a cushioned reclining seat that holds most infant car seats. Whether in an airport or a mall, the Abiie© G2G® delivers convenience for parents, especially during flu season. The unique Abiie© G2G® Baby Deck® Stroller has an MSRP of $199 and is now available from retailers, including BabiesRUs.com, Amazon and Wal-mart.com.

website: www.abiie.com

price: Price: $199.00

Categories: Parenting


Tie It Up in Style

by Gear Tie, LLC. - August 20, 2010

From bikers to handy men to the everyday mom....Gear Tie provides a fun, easy and durable solution to organizational woes! Gear Tie is an up-and-comer in the world of consumer goods, but is starting out strong. The Gear Tie is precisely how it sounds...a reusable rubber twist tie for cleaning up, packing up, and organizing almost everything. There are thousands of uses for it, so get creative! Forget about those silly tiny twist ties that come wrapped around cords. Those always get lost the second they come off, and never seem quite big enough to tie back on. There is no need too large or too small that Gear Ties can't tackle. They come in five different sizes (3", 6", 18", 24", 32") so customers can find the right length for any project. Both the 3” and 6” twist ties come in 10 vibrant matching iPod Nano colors so you can twist and tie in style! Gear Tie is dedicated to creating jobs right here in the USA! All materials and labor are sourced from local United States based companies.

website: www.geartie.com


Categories: Lifestyle


Boudreaux's Butt Paste

by Blairex Laboratories, Inc. - August 18, 2010

Blairex Laboratories of Columbus, IN is the home of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste- 1oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., and 16 oz.,Boudreaux’s Butt Paste All Natural- 2 oz., and 4 oz., Boudreaux's Baby Kisses, Boudreaux's Baby Butt Smooth Ointment, Boudreaux's Body Wash & Shampoo and Boudreaux's Rash Protector. Boudreaux¹s Butt Paste® Diaper Rash Ointment/Skin Protectant helps to prevent diaper rash, protects chafed skin, and seals out wetness. Boudreaux¹s Butt Paste® spreads on easily, cleans off quickly, and has a pleasant scent. All Natural Boudreaux¹s Butt Paste® Diaper Rash Ointment/Skin Protectant. Natural ingredients help treat and protect against diaper rash. Protects chafed skin and seals out wetness. Goes on and cleans off easily. Light and creamy formula rubs in clear. Contains Peruvian balsam for healthy skin. Boudreaux's Butt Paste products can be found in most fine retailers nationwide and online at drugstore.com.

website: www.blairex.com


Categories: Pregnancy & Newborn

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